Why Solar

Why world needs Solar

Simple & Reliable

Little to NO Maintenance

25 years of Manufacturer’s Warranty

7500 MW of Solar Project Installation in India so far! 

Government to install 40,000 MW of Solar by 2020

India, with about 300 clear sunny days in a year, has theoretically calculated solar energy incidence of about 5000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.  Solar energy available in a year exceeds the possible energy output of all fossil fuel energy reserves in the country. Many experts believe that with such tremendous potential in solar energy, India could make renewable resources the backbone of its economy by 2030, reining in its long-term carbon emissions without compromising its economic growth potential.  

However, during the year 2015-16, NTPC with 110 MW solar power installations, generated 160.8 million Kwh at a capacity utilisation of only 16.64%. To overcome the odds, the central and state governments have rolled out many programs, Net Metering and Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) being the two key programs, to realize the potential of plethora of sunlight that India receives every year. To increase citizens’ participation in the movement to go green, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides a 30% subsidy on the installation cost of a rooftop solar photovoltaic power plant in most of the states.  

Sonne Power Pvt Ltd has been one of the fastest growing Solar EPC during the past year, leveraging government initiatives to help realize goals of a green and energy independent India. Founded by two green energy enthusiasts and environmentalists – Navdeep Singh and Gaurav Gupta in 2016, the company has moved swiftly to install multiple Net Metering projects in and around Kurukshetra region in the state of Haryana. 

Sonne Power’s CEO Navdeep Singh went to Canada in 2013 to study master of engineering from Carleton University, where his main focus was on solar energy. During his time at Carleton, he worked closely with some of the best people in the solar industry and sharpened his skills. Later he decided to join one of the biggest solar companies in North America where he worked on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of more than 800 solar energy projects. In Feb 2015, during his visit to India he decided that this is the time to use all the experience that he has gained over the years to do something for his country. 

Navdeep says “We, at Sonne Power, believe that it’s possible to be an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally-friendly organization without forgoing profitability. We live in a time where we are surrounded by energy hungry equipment and machines; to fulfill their needs we must understand that solar energy is no more an “alternative” energy, but instead it is the energy for the future and for today.”  He later added, “With the pace at which Sonne Power is growing and the overwhelming response that we are getting, by the end of 2017 we see roughly 100 to 200 kWh installed capacity just through the residential rooftop solar power installation.”